S_V_H Vivaldi’s Spring Allegro image3


Vivaldi The Four Seasons, Spring Allegro. This large work 36 inches by 14 feet and I have completed the basic flow of the music.   Now that the music is all in place, those aspects of music notation that I consider the interesting part of the music, are up next.

For a good artwork to succeed,  I search out not only a musical phrase to paint, but that part of the music with a lot of musical things going on. In this artwork you have a lot of slurs, a pile of trills, and a large number of beams. Sheet music is boring and limited to facts, My interest goes way beyond by finding a way to portray a small musical phrase that speaks to the music, and has enough interest to capture the interest of the viewer.

The Ebay Auction is still gong on for this Years Birthday painting that I painted yesterday.

Scott Von Holzen