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In Chasing Cars Image 4, I am bringing in more browns and other earthly colors to counter the strong blues. In a way I would have liked more of a mix of browns and blues.  An example of that would be Thunder Road, a nine foot painting that is a favorite and hangs in-house. But repeating a style, never happens. My past work gives me clues, direction, but never answers  I find those only by applying paint on a white to canvas.

Those two half circles are my version of a musical tie. they are both interesting, and quite different from ties I have done in the past. I am a little surprise that a small work can break new ground, but I know why.  I have found in doing this little work, that size does not matter. In a way I thought I could paint small paintings in a similar way as I do my Birthday Paintings.  Those painting I complete in one day, and finish in two days.  But that just works on July 31st.  What I have now realized is that for the rest of the year it does not matter if an artwork is small or big.  Each new artwork I approach as something special, that deserves my best effort. In a all-in way I feel I  have not other choice. If I am serious about this art, I need to follow it by taking it to ever higher levels.

Scott Von Holzen

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