Chasing Cars image 3


This is Chasing Cars third image. This artwork is  twelve inches by thirty-six inches in length. This small work, along with its companion work Fly Me to the Moon, are surprising me, by becoming experimental projects.  It started with the strong vertical stripping on the main canvas.  Now it has spread to the secondary, nine-inch by twelve-inch, panel.  Even though this small canvas is physically mounted in front of the blue canvas, I wanted it to project even more. I could have easily painted it a solid lighter blue color, but the use of  this totally different color scheme, and stripping,  pushes this one canvas even further out into the viewer eyes. This is consistent with my later work: I like each canvas to push against the others.

My color choices came early, before I  had even chosen the canvasses. My plan was to use shades of blues and browns together. I thought that those colors matched the romantic mood of this music. So, then after covering the large canvas with blues, brownish colors became my next option.  My client mentioned earth tones when we where discussing the music, and I agreed with her, so a mix of those colors also showed up on the small panel. Oh, the light violet, that is my idea.  It just felt good.