S_V_H A Great Big Sled Christmas 2014 image2


This is a late 2nd image of A Great Big Sled this years Christmas painting.  Looking at the image you can see that most of the major items are in place.  For those parts that I need to paint in I have some basic ideas of what I am going to do.  With my version of 8th notes I am looking to fill space and add interest. By using a long curve shape this will animate the music across the canvas, which is similar to many of my artworks, where I create sails out of my notes.  When I create a musical artwork a static look is not excusable.  Maybe that is why a lot of art based on musical themes are abstractions.

My words ‘me in the sled,’ say something different from the music, which is what I always try to do in my word choices. My words intentionally go in a different direction from the music. The viewer hopefully seems them as a curiosity.  They are a part of an artwork, that starts out as a tribute to a song,  and ends as something more out of something else, that maybe on its own appears to be rather mundane or boring.

It is interesting that the  music that I portray, ends up being little influenced by the real music I am portraying.  It is like I am using music as an excuse to paint an artwork.

My love of music makes my love of art real, and not a reproduction in a book.

Scott Von Holzen