S_V_H Vivaldi’s Four Seasons Summer Presto image6

summerPresto6Vivaldi The Four Seasons Summer Presto.  If you compare this image with the other twelve Vivaldi paintings from the Four Seasons Series you would think I am near done.  I have finished adding the music, but I am far from done with the background.

This next video is by the soloist Julie Fischer. The Summer Presto starts and the 7:30 mark.  Listen to the music that is this  painting from 7:52 to 8:02. That is a total of ten seconds being preformed on a twenty-foot canvas, which means this music moves fast.

In this artwork I need to now add the speed of the music, and the feeling of a driving rain storm.  I plan on doing that by painting contrasting motion with a freer hand.  I have some ideas how to do this. The obvious risk to this artwork, is making bad judgements, and damaging what I have already accomplished. And yet, I have known for weeks, that  I have to somehow depict the storm, in some form by letting free my inner Jackson Pollack, and the musician Prince.

I have a lot on the line with this the last Four Seasons Vivaldi. I want this artwork, that  ends this project, to finish with a big crescendo. It is not that I actually have to present images of rain. What I am after is more the idea, or the concept of a downpour during a storm I will be looking for. This will need patience, for I am going to error, and I am going to have to quickly wipe away my mistakes.  This part of this artwork is gong to be frustrating and it is going to take a few weeks, that I am not looking forward to. And maybe, when done, I will not quit end up being there in bringing out my inner Pollack and Purple Rain.  How ever this artwork finishes, it will end with a big image that sticks, and pops, that hopefully moves this style just a bit more forward.


Scott Von Holzen