S_V_H I Won’t Dance Image2


I Won’t Dance is turning into an artwork for free flow of ideas.  Because this is a small work, I am letting my imagination move a lot quicker to the canvas.  There is a simple reason, after more than two years of Vivaldi I need to shake my brushes and see what flows from the brush hair. With small works the risk is minimal. If I do not like what I see I can quickly over paint these small canvases, if needed.  And I think it is time to explore a different direction in the use of my limited acrylic pallet. Obviously, I can tint or shade my favorite twenty or so colors, but I find by doing that most of the blues, greens, and whatever, look very similar even though the pure starting colors are different. What I want to do is change things up, move in a different direction, away from my default color style.  I think I Won’t Dance is a little step in that direction.  It is me not trying to use all my pallet of  pure colors with every artwork.  You see many different colors in the Vivaldi Series.  With I Won’t Dance I want to cut back on that pallet and see what results I can get with the same color used in many ways.

What makes music so memorable is its repetition.  You hear a piece of a song that you like, and then you hear it again, and again and probably again, again. It is those repeated phrases that hook you.  In this art I also repeat and that is the experiment you are seeing in this artwork. In past most of my works pretty much sample all of my favorite colors. That works, but at times when I needed a little emphasis, it was hard to find an unused color.  Shades and tints for the most part do not work for me at this stage.

Now, with I Won’t Dance you are seeing a lot of Light magenta, pink, and a few shades of blues all being repeated on all the canvases.  It simplifies this work and leaves a number of other options open for the music to flow across the canvases. That is the thinking today.

Scott Von Holzen