S_V_H Sweet Little Angel Image 2

Sweet Little Angel image 2This is a small update about Sweet Little Angel.  What makes this update important is that I have moved this art into a new direction.  I now have the tools and the resources to let the music flow stand out from the background.  I do this by using quarter-inch  aspen wood.  At first I was only going to do the two notes on the center panel, but quickly I could see that I have something special starting, and so the entire music flow is now made up of painted wood.  This changes this art,  and helps me carry out my goal to portray music more fluidly like the way music is actually played.  I am on to something here, and I am going to push this technique forward with this years Birthday Painting.

Up next for today,  and tomorrow is the story of my 2015 Birthday Painting which will be LCD SoundSystem’s Losing My Edge.

Scott Von Holzen