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losing My Edge  _7Losing My Edge  a tribute artwork to the music of LCD SooundSystem, and is this years Birthday painting  that I started yesterday and will finish today, hopefully by late this afternoon.  This is a mid process image of objects that I have to finish. It is going good.  I am making quick choices, a must because of time constraints, and this artwork is starting to present to me the challenge of defining its final personality.

Scott Von Holzen




~ by Scott Von Holzen on 07/31/2015.

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  1. Looking good. Can not wait to see the final work. Hope you have a great birthday. Barb

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  2. Havea great birthday, Scott! I didn’t realize you were an LCD Soundsystem fan. The birthday painting tradition continues!

  3. I am almost done. I will leave here just before 5pm. Looking forward to a margarita and Dinner.

  4. Brett, yes, as long as I have Birthdays, it will. I miss our interactions, but I know you have gone to a better place. Keep in touch.

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