S_V_H With a little help from my friends image5

helpFromMyFriends_5With this fifth image of With a little help from me friends you are seeing two new major features added to this artwork. I have applied little sails to a half-dozen of the items in this musical flow. And I have also did the drafting of the words that I choose for this music.

The interesting part of this image, for me, is those little sails, and yes they do look like the sails you see on sailboats.  They first showed up as a powerful image in the Four Seasons work, The Four Seasons, Winter Largo, a favorite.  After finishing the Vivaldi series I drifted away from that style in Fine and mellow, Ghost of Tom Joad, and Losing my edge, my  2015 Birthday painting.  I returned to the sails with my B.B King painting Sweet little angel, and to my surprised I thought they worked well with that work.

Since starting this musical art in 2006, I have struggle to find some way to represent what an eighth note would look like in this art.  The sail idea makes sense to use for it make the music seem to move across the canvases, greatly improving the flow of the painting.

I am not sure that the sails style will work with every canvas.  For sure I thought it work well with Classical Music. It was not until I tried it with the Blues work that I saw it could also work on more contemporary music. I will probably tweak my notes with sails in this artwork to add interest, pull things together, and maybe to give them a more sixties look, whatever that means.

This work is nearing completion.

Scott Von Holzen