S_V_H With a little help from my friends image4

helpFromMyFriends_4Image four of a little help from my friend, shows the basic structure of the flow of this music.  Stylistically  nothing too different with the exception that I did try a new technique on the beam on right blue panel (that long slopping rectangle at the top). I edge it out with multiple layers of tape so that when removed I had an object with some added depth to it.  Even though the height of the beam turned out to be small it was enough to stand out from the canvas. This is especially noticeable when you compare it with all the vertical rectangles that are my staffs that follow along with the music.

Of interest is my color choices for the vertical  rectangles.  I searched out psychedelic colors, a sixties thing,  and found such a range and variety that I figured as long as I went with bright, and contrasting colors, all would be fine.  As for the large beam, I wanted a connection to be made between it and the music so I used the same color for each, Cobalt Blue.  I also swirled the wet color mix, in a small way, to represent musical sound waves

I am doing this artwork for a specific reason that I cannot talk about at this time.  That means that not only do I want to create something unique, I also want an artwork that appeals. Those desires are similar to my basic goals for every painting, but more meaningful for this small  artwork with a destiny.


Scott Von Holzen