S_V_H With a little help from my friends image 3

helpFromMyFriends_3This third image displays the music flow for With a little help from my friends. By portraying a dimensional flow of the music this now adds even greater depth to these artworks.  This move advances this art forms multiply layered trend which started when combining canvases to form different depths. What you have in this artwork is a painting that by combining different parts, to form multiple layers, helps to move this art form closer to the structure of a music.  A  musical performance occurs inside a structure with a stage in front of the audience, the musicians behind their instruments, people sitting around tables and moving about the room.  Live music performance exists in different depths and layers except for the sound that is everywhere, and though harmony,  focuses the interaction to and the connecting of strangers. This artworks  canvases  can also be a structure for the music and the viewer.  Even though this artwork lacks sound it can still present the music, as a multiple dimensional snapshot of the flow of the harmony.   This art then can offer another method for people to connect to  music. If that explains this art or not, that is okay, for even I am winging it most of the time.

Scott Von Holzen