S_V_H Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Together

haveMerryChristmas_Finalb When I finished this years Christmas artwork in early November, and placed these words on the cover of the Christmas card, I did so because they express the wish that all Family’s share at Christmas time, no matter their beliefs.


familyThrough the kindness of the fates here we all are on Christmas Eve, at the home of  Dorothy Von Holzen,  who dearly love my Father, and was devoted to him, and to her entire extended Family.

Dorothy Von Holzen, holding the youngest Family member, Jolene Lainberger,  Amanda Stangl, Cory Lainberger, Roger Von Holzen, Kris Von Holzen, Mark Stangl, Kinsey Stensen, Mason Stensen, Myk Segura, Barbara Von Holzen, Eric Von Holzen, Julie Stangl, Kendyl Stensen, Jordyn Stensen, Jeff Von Holzen, Steve Stensen, Samantha Stangl,  Scott Von Holzen, Alyssa Stensen, and Jordon Von Holzen.


Scott Von Holzen


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