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weBelong_2We Belong, is taking on that 80’s Pat Benatar look.  I knew her music, but in the 80’s I was more a Madonna, and Prince kind-of-a-guy.  Now, since this is a commission work I have had to take a fresh hard look at Pat Benatar,  her music, and influence on other women rockers of the 80’s.  My updated impressions of her  is that she certainly was an attractive performer,  brash, with a great voice.  I am referring to her  early 80’s hard rock voice which was deeper, less refined, and raspy,   that makes me think of the older Sarah Vaughn, without the range.

Here is an example of the early Rocker Pat Benatar before she went pop, We Belong,  followed by a comparison (only a  little) of one of the greatest singers ever, Sarah Vaughn.

Regrettably,  with an extreme amount of others things that need to be done, We Belong is slowly moving along.  Next up,  I will be adding more of the 80’s color look into the artwork, in the form of a lot of small wooden shapes. That will add interest and bring the music, and the background together.

Scott Von Holzen

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