S_V_H We Belong image 1

weBelong_1Here is the first image of a classic Pat Benatar song We Belong. This is prime Eighties music. This artwork consists of three canvas panels with a length of 52 inches by 16 inches in height.  Looking at this first image of We Belong, the background is a surprisingly sparse in comparison  with earlier works, with a solid black color dominating the artwork and not the stripping.   The influence for this first image for We Belong comes from the Bach Aria artwork I did for Japan.

This is American Pie from 2010, that the Bach client picked for a template. It did not surprise me that they prefer my older style. What did surprise me was the required amount of  adjustment made by everyone involved to make the older look work in 2016.


When we reached agreement on the background style and coloring, I than went even further back for another idea found in this Mozart work.  It is in this early 2006 artwork where I used a wide stripping to resemble my take on the musical staff or stave:


Here is a musical staff used in sheet music:


All these adjustments  resulted in a contemporary retro artwork the  Bach Aria work, 2016,


Now, free from the need for approval, I took the Grand Bach painting ideas and simplified the entire background with the color black that works well with this artist.


This is the 1984 music video of We Belong.

I could not find a live early 80’s.  This is the best of live versions from 2001:

Scott Von Holzen