S_V_H Bach BWV 988 – Aria final image

AriaBWV988_ImageFinalThis is the final full size image of the Bach work that I will be shipping to Japan.  When it arrives in Japan it will be re-stretched losing about 60mm around each edge of the frame. The final image that will hang in the Grand Bach Hotel in Kyoto Japan will be 1600mm x 500mm or about 64 inches by 20 inches in height.

The video below pretty much sums up my thoughts,  and feelings about this artwork.  Actually, I did this video to do a short lighting check, except that I kept on going. It is kind of funny in spots,.  Still,   I should have worn a better shirt,  turned off the fan I was using to dry the painting, been organized,  and stood up  straight.  Otherwise, the message is good, and it certainly documents the progress of this art, so I went with it.  Next up I will be finishing my Waylon Jennings painting,  and  starting another commission work, the Pat Benatar song, We belong.

Check out this video of an artist that needs a staff of advisors if he is ever to make it in the Big Town.


Scott Von Holzen

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  1. Really like the final work. I am sure the client will like it as well.

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