S_V_H We Belong image 3

weBelong_3We Belong  is starting to show of her charms.  All the parts of this music are now in place, which is always a major accomplishment for any artwork.  The color black along with shades of gray define this artwork, and the singer Pat Benatar.  To add depth to this look,  interest, and excitement to this painting, I am going to add a number of small, mostly curved wood shapes.  In contrast to the major neutral colors these add-ons, done in the  colors that define the eighties will soften, and enlarge the feminine.

Each of these artworks pushes this genre a bit more forward.  As long as the passion, and the need to know remains strong,  that is the direction I am heading. The one thing I am beginning to understand is that although I care deeply about each of these paintings, I know I can let them go if the time comes.  I am sure of that, for I believe it is this art,  that is leading me around the next corner, to the next piece of music, that will become the next painting,  that will steal my heart away, letting me, once more, feel seventeen again.

Scott Von Holzen