S_V_H Burgundy Shoes Image 2

burgundyshoes_2I have been on the move.  Now,  after weeks of adjusting to my temporary routine, I am back. This is an advance image of this fine piece of music that tells a story of a girl taking a bus ride with her mother on an early spring day.

In Burgundy Shoes, as I have done in a number of other artworks,  if any of the lyrics give me design ideas, or mention colors, or a time of the year, I will find areas in the artwork to make use of those options. In this painting besides the girl’s burgundy shoes, there is mention of her plaid dress, her mothers red lipstick , lilac kerchief, and the green in the leaves of early spring.

It was obvious that burgundy would be the color of the background.  To harmonize the look of the painting I used colors that complement burgundy, in the stripping. Then I began to worked into the artwork more related  colors and those mentioned in the lyrics in shapes, and shades, consistent with the background.   The thinking for this painting is that the right use of color, in tune  with the music, along with a clean and balance design will improve the first reaction,  and curiosity of the viewer of  this relatively unknown music.

Scott Von Holzen


A shortest story  from a Temporary Studio:

When I do take a short afternoon nap I listen to my music to block out the world. Recently, I awoke from a respite to the song Burgundy shoes being played. This was a pleasant surprise for that is the music of my current art project. Outside my door I could hear my grandchildren playing.  I got up and enthusiastically walked out into the playroom playing aloud Burgundy Shoes.  I interrupted my precious three who were laughing and bouncing about like children do, just home from school.  I commented to them that the song they where hearing was the  music for my current artwork.  I guess my intention was to have them stop and  listen to the music as I explained to them that they actually inspired me to paint this music. Instead, I said nothing more after seeing that they all looked startled, and where staring at me with three unanimous looks of  silent confusion.  Feeling silly, and out-of-place, I retreated without another word, back to the safety of  their toy storage room, and my makeshift studio, to re-think my approach to public relations.