S_V_H Three Little Birds image 2

threelittlebirds_2This is the second image of the painting Three Little Birds. This is a small forty inch long painting, with a fairly straight forward musical flow. The goal of this work is to help me figure out my routine in a strange new Studio. I am not trying to do anything magical with this painting.  I do have an idea to give it a unique look, but there is nothing radical going on with this project. It is almost like it is a test run:  start and finish it.

For the colors of the music I chose what I saw in Bob Marley, and his style of dress.  As for my chose of words  I believe they are one of the strengths of this painting. They open up this artwork to broad interruption and are a good ‘hook’ for the viewer, if this artwork is ever displayed in a public space.

Until then, this is Three Little Birds own little secret.



~ by Scott Von Holzen on 01/11/2017.

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  1. Well done!

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