S_V_H Three Little Birds final image

threelittlebirds_finalThis Bob Marley artwork, Three Little Birds is finished. This artwork is one canvas 36 inches in length by a most 18.5 inches in height.  In this final image I have added a couple of simple things to better connect this artwork to the life of Bob Marley.  The three braided cords across the canvas represent Bob Marley’s dreadlocks which he called his “identity.” The six-sided wood pieces  bunched together on two of my notes are symbols of Bob Marley’s love of soccer.

The depth of Bob Marley goes well beyond his musical talents. His  influence on Reggae music, his strong belief in Rastafari, his use of ganja,  and his political effect on the people of Jamaica have all made him a larger than life personality.  This artwork is nothing more than a simple tribute to the music of one of his more uplifting songs.

Scott Von Holzen


Here is a Link to buy a canvas print of Three Little Birds and over a hundred other artworks.

Up next, I am finally going to give up the fight and paint Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven. I have the urge to do a great Classic Rock artwork, and I just cannot ignore this monstrous Rock hit any longer.