S_V_H Satisfaction image 2

satisfaction_2This image takes the original Black & White theme for this artwork, and look I have added all those colors.  I discussed before that when I think of this music I remember my life back than in mostly black and white.  Also, in the sixties, to be in tune with the times, I wore bell bottom  blue jeans, own a number of Navy pea coats, liked corduroy browns, and in general wore a lot of dull solid colors.  For those reasons, that is why I chose shades of gray to black to dominate this artwork, while using blues and browns for accent.  When I looked at the words for this artwork, without at first knowing the why, I knew I did not want to paint them in any dull colors or shade of gray.  I felt that none of those colors represented the lyrics of this music.  That is when I understood, what my feelings about this music,  where all about.

I remember the joy of listening to Satisfaction when it was new,  and sixty years later the Rolling Stones are still playing it. The words are still as exciting to sing today as they where when I was listening to them on AM radio,  in my best friend Tom’s Volkswagen Beetle, on a cold winter’s night as he drove us to the local dance bar, The Airway.  His car heater, barely kept us warm, and defrosted the windshield enough to see as long as we had our noses to the glass  But we did not care, for we where into music and into drinking a few beers on live band Wednesday.  That than was all what mattered.

Putting all of that into perspective,  I chose four of many Psychedelic colors, unknown to me back then, for the words because of their vibrancy and later dramatic effect on fashion. This artwork remembers, in its colors,  a distant music memory, that lives on today as one of music’s greatest, long-lasting Rock songs,  Satisfaction.

Scott Von Holzen