S_V_H Stairway to Heaven Final Image

stairway_finalIn this final image of Stairway to Heaven I have moved away from the video as my color guide. For the rest of the wood enhancement to this painting I decided to go with colors that work with the existing color theme. Late into every painting, including this one,  my goal is to bring the over all look of a painting into harmony, a double entendre of sight and hearing.

Here is my take on this painting: Times they are a Changin.’  This is not a large work in my Catalog,  but by the standards of most people of modest means, which have been my art sales clients,  have a  lot easier time finding wall space, and justifying the cost,  for a 36 inch artwork than they would one this size..  All galleries, that would consider hanging this painting, always have to deal with limited wall space. Their walls are already filled with art. To make room one for Stairway a gallery would need to remove at least two or more other artworks.  That is probably not going to happen unless my sales pitch is exceptional.  That is why I mentioned the 36 inch artwork limit which has these advantages over even this size work: faster to produce, lower price, and a lot easier to market and sell.  There are no trade offs by going small.  I give every artwork the same amount of care, ability, and creatively.  The main advantage in size is greater visual impact.

Looking at Stairway, I can see the size effect,  but I can also see that I could have used smaller canvases in an irregular shape.  Doing anything besides your standard artwork rectangle would have created a more dramatic visual look. That may then counter size impact, as long as the limited amount of open space on a small work is not overly busy or cluttered. I do not have this option in the unfinished artwork Satisfaction, but I do see me moving philosophically, to that 36 inch length, in the next project which is Please, Remember Me, sung my Tim McGraw, followed by When Doves Cry.

Scott Von Holzen