S_V_H Stairway to Heaven Image 2

stairway_2Stairway to Heaven, second image, you can see this work taking on its own unique character.  I took a close look at this video and saw some of the lighting they where using.  You can see this in a snippet I captured from the video:

stairwaysnippetI then went totally abstract and did a mix of related colors spread all over the straight shafts you see above.  I am not trying to be fancy and am attempting only to replicated some of the colors of this video and their chaotic movements, such as, a blurry Robert Plant.

This is again the link to the video that the coloring for this artwork originates:

My words for this video “We all Know,” offer, what I always try to accomplish, multiple meanings for the viewer.  As part of this art since the beginnings their placement has been slowly changing. That is another discussion, but now words have no exact location, only a place in harmony with the Artwork.  That change in thinking is helping the Art of the Artwork to evolve from the restraints of the music.  Someday the Music will only be the starting point:   One day One that comes from One finally will be Two.

Scott Von Holzen