S_V_H Satisfaction Final Image


Two panels 26 3/4 inches in height by 50 1/2 inches in length.

Satisfaction, my first painting dedicated to the music of the Rolling Stones is finished. What I liked about this work is how well the dominate grays and shades of black worked with the here-and-there use of color.  The Impressionist painters avoided the use of  the black paint and only recently did I start using acrylic black.  I like the back-en-forth contrast between the blacks and grays and the brighter vibrant colors.  All these differences adds an extra push-pull to the music as it moves across these canvases.

The round wood pieces follow the flow, pitch, or the up and down movement of this song.  At first I painted them solid black with silver edges.  After I added and stripped those three half disks, which are my symbols for musical Ties or Slurs,  I knew that I had to do something similar with them.

The sharp edges of the stripping of the half disks reminded me of today’s digital images files.  Except, that when Satisfaction was going up the charts photography consisted of analog images on negatives. The look of half disks is dramatic, but for my notes to match the era of the music I chose short strokes of the different shades of gray and black, applied wet and blended to give the flow a symbolic look of negatives.

The different look of this musical artwork comes from its heavy use of neutral shades. This painting music brings back memories of a long time ago when I was young, and my world felt a lot more black & white.

Scott Von Holzen