S_V_H Please Remember Me image 2

With this second image you can see the music going where it needs to go, with little concern for the  attached canvas.  This less contained design needs extra time to figure out the details of design,  positioning,  and securing of  the wood pieces.  I find myself taking more time planning and constructing that has challenged my carpenter skills,  and that rivals my time painting the artwork. I would like to see, when it works, if I can let the music move even more freely off and around the canvas.

Wikipedia says that painting on canvas began around the end of the 15th century with Venice Italy as a leader. Now it is the 21st century, and in keeping with the past practices I started painting music by using the canvas as a containment for my subject, music.  Only in the last year has this relationship between subject and painting surface began to change. At this moment I am now wondering if I should look at a piece of stretch canvas as more of a docking source, for the music, instead of the traditional material needed to hold the subject.

With this work I have had a lot of issues at attempts and errors to find the right combination of colors that are in harmony with the artwork and the music. At first the starting colors comes from the music, Then later in the project the color plan shifts to the painting. That is when I balance the colors of the artwork to build a stronger harmony for visual impact, and hopefully a good first impression.  It is in those first few seconds when a viewer gazes at an artwork,  that the hook needs to be set.  That doesn’t guarantee a successful paining, but it does help the artwork to find its own story.

Scott Von Holzen