S_V_H I Will Always Love You image 2

This image shows the most difficult part of this music theme.  I could have saved a lot of time by using a third canvas to place this music on. I did not want to.  That would have made this music too typical by sitting on top of another piece of  boring canvas background.  I like the effect and the challenge of letting great music float about and around the background. Doing this brings this art form closer to  representing the fluid movement of music.   Still, the canvases stabilize the music, make the artwork portable, and give a neutral back drop. That makes them useful. For now,  I am going to let it stay that way.

The requested colors for this artwork are turquoise and brown.  That combination would not be a first choice.  I started by painting the canvases a medium brown. I did not like that look. Brown is not a color I associate with the unrequited love theme. I painted over the brown using different shades of turquoise. Visually, that worked better.  For the music I used a different brown that I  applied in transparent layers. I still would like to cut the overall impact of the turquoise background.  I could do that by using different shades of brown and small pieces of brighter accent colors.

So it goes.

Scott Von Holzen