S_V_H I Will Always Love You image3

This is the third image of the music I will Always Love You. I think I have now found a shade of brown that visually works with the turquoise, for this commissioned work.  Because of the number of music pieces needed I also had to cut their size to keep this artwork under the planned 48 inches or less. I used eight inch canvases for this artwork, which resulted in the background being a little too large in comparison to the music. Saying that  I probably should have used six-inch canvas. Wow, that surprises me.

Only a couple of years ago did I lose the idealism of my youth that painting bigger artworks would have a larger impact, and would fit nicely along with the other big works in a contemporary gallery at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.  I think the finishing of the Vivaldi Four Seasons paintings, in early 2015 drained my want to paint big.  Also, there was the dramatically increase in shipping costs,  the difficulty in storing large artworks in a limited storage space, and the realization that my patron class had small walls for artworks and even smaller wallets.  My smartest move became to paint small. To become one of the greatest artists the world has ever seen, you first have to be seen, and not just stored.

Here is a nice tribute video of Jennifer Hudson singing I Will Always Love You: