S_V_H Vogue image1

This early first image is of the music Vogue made popular by Madonna. This work is 10 inches by 60 inches in length.  You can see the influence of the previous commissioned work, Like on Rock, that pushed me to try fresh ideas, and techniques to meet the customers expectations. I want to keep that trend going.  Vogue  does that by allowing me to return to a favorite design theme, Art Deco.  That can be seen in this black and white video of Madonna’s Vogue.

In the eighties and early nineties my favorite first name wonders where,  Prince and Madonna. I consistently bought their CDs. Vogue is my favorite Madonna song, while Purple Rain, at that time, was my favorite Prince music. I have already painted Purple Rain. That artwork pushed me to innovate.

Now,  it is Madonna’s turn. It is like the restlessness one feels as winter slowly gives way to Spring. I am looking for a new trend.  I accomplished a tiny fraction of that with Prince and Purple Rain. Vogue feels like it has that same possibility.  Madonna’s  music can be a great incentive to create a feisty, spicy, unpredictable, an innovative performance of art.  Time to “Strike a pose.”

Scott Von Holzen