S_V_H Vogue 2nd image

This is the artwork, Vogue. The background, for now, is finished.  The two side canvases where purposely kept small to give the background a sparse look, but that made the attaching of the music a challenge. Having the aluminum frame mounted to the front of the canvases resolved that issue.  I can now attach the music, or even extra support, all along the frame edge. This results in an open look of the background, and at the same time, will allow the music to seem to be floating across the artwork. Exposing more of the metal also enhances the Art Deco appearance.  

I have always liked the look of Art Deco. My first painting, in that style, was 2015’s I Won’t Dance.  Art Deco is also the theme of the Vogue Madonna video, and now this artwork.   I am looking for new ideas and a fresh new look for 2018. Each artwork builds on the last, but for 2018 I am planning some major new construction starting with Vogue.

Scott Von Holzen

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  1. Scott,

    Just want you to know I follow all of these & they’re awesome. Keep on.




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