S_V_H Vogue Image 3

With image 3 of Vogue I am using a technique for the music first used for the Vivaldi Artwork RV 531. It was that project that l first used a cutting mat with its measuring marks. That allowed me to accurately group together sections of the music. This method also works with Vogue where the background is mostly empty space, and the music groups well together.

Here is my low-keyed explanation of this technique:

This artwork requires an exact plan to place 22 pieces of  good-sized music, in an intentional small length of 64 inches. To make everything fit I knew I had to tighten the spacing of the music.  This action than improves the tension in the artwork, filled up the space of the background, and enhanced the sense of movement of the artwork.

Vogue will be over five feet in length when finished which is a change from my tendency of late of creating artworks around the three-foot range.  My thinking for Vogue was that I needed to create a larger work that  would have more visual impact on the viewer. Bigger would have been even better, but I also want an artwork that I can reasonable price to fit the local market. It does me no good to add to my already large stacks of unsold, 8, 10 foot and longer artworks, all in storage, and all out-of-sight.

Scott Von Holzen