S_V_H Vogue Image 4

With this fourth image Vogue is nearing completion.  What still needs to be done are the words,  a few minor add-on wood pieces,  and the finishing. In past projects finishing meant mostly touching up the paint, and sharpening edges.  What will be different with Vogue is the finishing.

Vogue builds on the influences of the Vivaldi artwork RV531, mentioned in an earlier blog, and the recently completed commercial project, Like A Rock. Where Vogue differs from its predecessors  is the overall emphasis on the decorative.  In addition to my standard touching up I am going to look at adding some extra Art Deco features to Vogue.

My unwritten plan for Vogue was to abandoned more of the last influences of sheet music. With Vogue I am seeing the typical domination of the flow of the music, lessened  by other features that can also represent music.  With the artwork Vogue the next giant step forward may now be possible.  It is time.  After twelve years of work I need to finally step through that door, and close it behind. There are other handles needing reaching.

This is my 550th post. I think that is remarkable documentation of this artist’s journey.  The best is yet to come.

Scott Von Holzen