S_V_H Over the Rainbow 2

Over the Rainbow is nearing completion.  This size of this artwork is about sixty-one inches by thirty-nine inches in height.  Giant Steps is on the easel next to Rainbow and the similarities are obvious. Giant Steps already has a Classic look, compared to Rainbow, that has a playful look.  One striking difference is the larger size of the music on Rainbow stands out as a dramatic and moving difference.  I still need to add the words, “why can’t I,” and will do that with a twist.  Hand drawing words are always time-consuming to do and require a lot of attention to detail but this is a well travel road for me.   My other task left with this artwork, I created, and now will have to solve.

What I need to do is to connect the four outside canvases (covered with digital canvas images) with the two inner canvases that I painted.  In Giant Steps I had this same issue, but reversed, with the painted canvases on the outside.  Giant steps had the advantage that my painted canvases and the digital images on the other canvases were similar in design and color.  From a slight distance, it is hard to see the difference between them.  In this image of Rainbow, the difference between the digital images and the painted ones is obvious.  Somehow I need to change the look of these six canvases in such a way that they connect with each other.  Or not, and I could just call it Art.  But that would not be, this Art, where harmony is part of the visual experience.

Scott Von Holzen