S_V_H The Theme (Schindler’s List)

This, of course, is not much of a first image, but this is how the artworks in 2019 have looked after two weeks worth of work.  2019 has already been, one of my most creative years. In the image, in the background is the artwork, Africa,  the first completed artwork of 2019.  Then next came the artwork Giant Steps, followed by Over the Rainbow.   In comparison,  Africa, although unique in its rectangle shape,  continues the style that dominated 2018.   With the Theme music from Schindler’s List, I have a plan that includes a challenging technique, that if it works, will greatly add to the already wonderful progress of 2019’s Giant Steps and Rainbow.

Here is a very dated video of Itzhak Perlman, discussing and then playing John Williams Schindler’s List:

In choosing this music to paint,  the movie, Schindler’s List was never played into the decision-making. I liked this music the first time I heard it, going in all the way by the ending.  Those type of feelings has always been the major reason I pick a piece of music to paint.   Of course, there are those other factors to discover that confirm the choice.  That information comes from researching the music I paint, which I do with all my artworks.  I also listen to performances,  watch videos of the music, and read the story behind the music.  Well, there is a big story behind this music and that is the movie Schindler’s List.  The movie and The Theme are forever attached.  Watching again, this time, parts from Schindler’s List, I decided that the dominate colors for this project would be black and white with shades of gray.  Another take from Schindler’s List comes from those remarkable scenes of the girl in the red coat.  My plan is to use a small amount of red in this artwork, to acknowledge this heart-felt part from the movie.

Here is an available clip of the girl in the red coat from the movie Schindler’s List:


The artwork Africa appears in this first image for it is back in my studio.  I am doing a little touch-up and preparing it for the exhibition.

Here, just lately,  is my artwork Africa standing against the wall on second floor of the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library.  It is in line to be hung for the upcoming 40th Anniversary of the juror-ed Arts West exhibition.

Scott Von Holzen