S_V_H The Theme (Schindler’s List) image 2 & 3

This is the first of its kind frame for The Theme from Schindler’s List.  Even though this artwork is larger than the last two artworks, I can still carry it in the Toyota RAV4.  I have solved the car space limitations by building this frame in which I can disconnect the bottom section.  Although these two-piece frame does lay flat in the car, the music, when added, will not.  This idea of a frame consisting of separate sections allows me to build larger artworks that have a greater impact on the viewer but still can be delivered for an exhibition.

Also yes, this third image does look overly busy, or is the word “busy” a reference to the music? No, matter,” it is what it is,” an artwork in motion.   The look of clutter is deliberate.  I placed the music to cross over into each others space.  This creates added tension. This artwork, unlike all of the previous artworks, breaks one of the last rules of notation left to be broken: keeping the music separated.

I still have lots of other decorative music features to add to this artwork so the look of this music will change considerably.

Scott Von Holzen