S_V_H Mozart KV 265 Version 5, Twinkle Little Star

On my studio floor are musical pieces for the new art project, Twinkle Little Star.  This artwork’s music comes from Version 5 of Mozart’s piano composition KV 265.  This music comprises twelve variations of a French Folk song and the music for the children’s song Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Here is a YouTube video of  Mozart: “Dodici variazioni per pianoforte su Ah, vous dirais-je, Maman, KV 265” Version five starts at the 04:25 timeline:

For this musical version, I have added Strings and changed the ending.  This is the audio, so far:

I dated the start time on my work sheet as September 3rd, two weeks ago.  In the past my earlier work was spend planning and then creating the wood pieces that would make up the flow of the music in the artwork.  This year, once I have chosen the music, I start the project knowing the artwork will have active music.  Because of adding sound I then need to create an arrangement with a good start and finish.   Having that I then can design the look and flow of the artwork.

Scott Von Holzen