S_V_H Mozart K265 Var 5, Twinkle Little Star Image 2

Here are the four sections of this artwork, laid down on a 4 foot by six-foot canvas.  Not seen in the photograph,  the blue stems have an iridescent look when the light and viewing angle changes.  Also, the music is white with a pearl iridescent glossy glaze that adds depth but again, does not show in the image.

I recognize, before even starting this project,  the importance of the music to define the quality of the artwork.  I created the score, with Mozart’s guidance, using the free notation software Musescore 3.  As a first, in the previous blog entry, I uploaded the audio, with the thought it was too good not to show off.  Since then I purchased another notation software, Notion 6.  The advantage of this paid software is the sound library is huge.  I will use both for I have more to learn.  The one goal for the audio is to create a natural and realistic sound equal to the quality of the artwork.

For this artwork’s color choices I will continue to control the use of multiple bright colors. This artwork is a children’s song with a classical musical twist, so the logical range of colors would be bright multiple pure colors to black and deep browns.  For Twinkle, I am using a few pure colors to add and not distract from a general overall soft look of the artwork.  That sounds like a line of art speak found in countless artist’s bios. The next sentences are practical and not art speak.

Next up is to add features to these four panels to fill up space and add interest.  From its earliest days that has always been a necessary step.  So it continues.

Scott Von Holzen