S_V_H Twinkle Little Star image 3

Twinkle Little Star.  Again, I have laid out the pattern of this four-part artwork on a slanted canvas. I have finished all the major parts of this artwork.  Up next I will connect the sections.

I have been working on this artwork over a month which lately seems to be my current pace.  That includes most of those days in the studio, morning, afternoon and evenings.  Like other images of this artwork, it is disappointing to not see the effects of the reflections of the added mica flakes.  The reflections of the metal flakes add to the “twinkle”  of this musical theme and add to the night sky look in the darker areas.   I also used mica flake on other parts of this artwork.   I did so to add interest and to avoid the use of unnecessary added, in-your-face colors, that are nothing more than fillers.

I can see looking at all four sections of this artwork spread around my tables that it may be time to move in a new direction.  I do not want to abandon how I got to this point, but I would like to see what other ways I can design the look and incorporate the improvements I have made in sound.

Here is the latest version, using the new software, of my arrangement of this artwork’s music.


Scott Von Holzen


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