S_V_H I Will 2nd Image

I Will the second image of the artwork shows good progress,  considering the times we are in.  I suppose that is not such a bad thing.  Except that the threat from COVID-19, being over seventy in age, has hampered my concentration.  Yesterday was a good day, as my focus shifted back to this art.  Still, my concerns, along with those who except the truth, is the coming danger in the next weeks.  It will remind us all how fragile is life.  That means, for me, my life is in the studio where this art, my piano, music, and books will be my busy support, along with walks with my doggy, Zelda.  That also means my wife and other family members will interact more so with others, to keep this home feeling as normal as possible.  Although all families will soon confront the unknown, for now we want our lives to remain as normal as possible. The Family is the first line of defense, no matter the crisis.

This wonderful small sized artwork is resulting in a busy-looking artwork, with smaller open areas.   Since Over the Rainbow in early 2019, I have focused on reducing the spacing in my artworks. This artwork may be the height of that trend.  The companion artwork for I Will, that I have been slow to work on, will not follow the direction of this first example.

Next up I want to repaint the music.  For some stupid reason, I spent my valuable time in a wasted effort to paint detail.  I displayed this issue in the close-up images of the music in the last blog post. Enough of that silliness.  I am not a detail artist. That runs up against one of my basic philosophies.  Although I am amazed by those who can realistically draw, personally I can accomplish the same results with a good photograph.  That thinking has defined this art throughout its development. My detail is in the artwork’s structure, where color is a tool not an end all. That is it.  I measure my artistic skill in millimeters.

For this artwork, I going to take this boring image two, and introduce a little color, to cover up all that silly detail.  Color to accent, or complement the structure and the voice of the music,  ain’t that special.

Scott Von Holzen