S_V_H Bach Menuet image2

Bach Menuet in open position, L76″ x H31″:

Bach Menuet in closed position, L76″ x H24″:

My lovely wife asked me why I was doing this?  I saw that question as why spend a considerable amount of time adding this moveable feature?  Besides, losing time, solving the many problems adding motion causes and not knowing for what purpose, I had no answers.  The ability to move the music around the artwork adds nothing to its meaning. That we both could agree with.  My response was ” ’cause I can?”  Not an answer I could defend.  She did not ask me to.  Now I can.

If I may borrow a title given too many of Kandinsky’s artworks, “improvisation”, that is what I should add to the title of this artwork.  For me, improvisation means experimental. This is what this artwork is all about, beyond the music it represents.   I am in the mood for change.  I have grown tired of creating more 2019 art and want a fresh look for 2020. Although,  for many,  I am wondering if this will be the year they wish to forget and end.  For me, not so much.  Time is what I need a lot of, for this artwork needs explanation.  The time I have left in 2020 will not be used to search out group venues and to create works that match some made-up theme.  For this year, none of that.  I have lost my motivation to show.   For the rest of 2020 I am tired of the same-oh-same-oh and want another way to represent music. This artwork, for all of it still stuck in 2019 aspects, is going somewhere else.  Hi, ho silver! The masked artist is making a move.

Scott Von Holzen