S_V_H Bach Menuet image 3

This is the third image of J.S. Bach: Orchestral Suite No.2 in B Minor, BWV 1067.  All the music is in place.  Every section of the music can move up or down with a loosening of a wingnut. The two middle pieces in the lower section have the added ability to move left or right besides up and down.   This art has become interactive with a push of a button that plays the theme music for the artwork.  Now, I have expanded the interactiveness of these artworks.  Instead of a viewer being only allowed to touch the artwork’s push button and then stand back to listen to the music, they can now loosen a wingnut and change the look of the artwork.  How interesting is that?  Now sure.  But,  I am sure that having this option to move the music about, connects this artwork to the malleability that is music.  Now that is interesting.

Here is another YouTube video from XiomMusic of this very catchy (minus the repeating) Bach Minuet:

Scott Von Holzen