Por Una Cabeza The Tango Final image

The Tango Por Una Cabeza, 83 inches in length by 17 inches in height.

The Tango

I wrote these comments for this video:
“This artwork is a portrait of the Tango from the movie Scent of a Woman. What makes this work different from the previous other large works of 2018, Like Vogue, and the Mozart Serenade, is that I broke the music a part based on the two rests from the music. What I am trying to do is to capture that same feeling that I get when I view an actual Van Gogh painting. Its is his colors that pulls me closer to Vincent, but it is the seeing of his brush strokes and the interaction they have on all those bright colors that creates the connection. Although I am trying to use bright colors differently from Vincent, I do want to pull the viewer closer. I hopefully do that with their interaction with the music. That is why breaking the music apart I think creates curiosity with the viewer. I talk of immersive qualities of this artwork in the video. That may be over confidence on me, but no matter, it is a start, for better to come.”

I do not need to say anymore about this artwork. After two months of living with it, I wish only to move on.  That is what has happened. I am now working on 2018’s Christmas painting.  An image of this artwork will be a part of the Christmas Cards that I will be sending out to those who have supported me this year and in the past. Never forget.  Thank You

Scott Von Holzen

Por Una Cabeza The Tango image 2

The Tango, it near completion.  After the setback it is surprising how well I was able to put everything back with minimal issues. Every artwork has its moments of disappointment and testing of the artist determination.  The fact that every one of these artworks is like building something that has never been built before, proves my worth and will to succeed.  But not my confidence.

Por Una Cabeza on Tuesday morning.

This artwork is resilient.  Next up is the music.


Scott Von Holzen

The Tango Per Una Cabeza Image 2 plus what else is new

This artwork is stretching out to over 80 inches in length.  Of course this artwork reminds me of earlier works, especially with its length, but because of some resemblances, I will find ways to do something different with this work to not only make it unique looking, but to also coax this style forward. All I need to accomplish my expectations for this artworks is the ideas to make that happen, which at this moment do not exist. That may be because lately I have turned away from working on this work. That progress was held up, in order for me to work on new works I wanted for a couple of small art shows.

For the one day show this weekend at the Artisan Forge, I have created two smaller mini four note Beethoven 5th artworks including placing them in custom-built frames.

These mini Beethoven artworks each measure about 9.5 inches in length by 10.5 inches in height.  Also, new for this show I have created an extended musical version of Beethoven’s Für Elise.

This Beethoven artwork is also in a new custom frame with overall measurements of 33 inches in length by about 10.25 inches in height.  All three of these artworks have buttons to press to listen to the music:

For the Show all November at the Elmaro Winery near Winona Minnesota, I will be displaying only one artwork which is this updated earlier version of Für Elise. It was last year late that I showed my first version of Beethoven’s 5th that sold quickly at Elmaro, but without the music.

Finally, here is Beethoven’s Ode to Joy in the last of the new custom frames, that has been on display for a number of months at the Artisan Forge Gallery, but in a much larger, 20 by 24 inch frame.  These new custom frames, built to fit the shape of the artworks, I hope will present these little works in a much more appealing way.

Lastly,  I have this other very little addition to my Art Fair and Show inventory:

Next up back to work on The Tango artwork, but again there will be some distraction,  for I also need to start work on the Christmas painting for the 2018 Christmas cards.


Scott Von Holzen

The Tango – Por Una Cabeza image1

Por Una Cabeza is an Italian Tango whose lyrics certainly do not translate well, and would not have been a first pick for the tango if it was not for the 1992 movie Sent of the Woman.  That dance scene made a lasting impression on me, that I had forgotten until I added this music to my potential artwork list.  Even though I have seen much better dancing on Dancing with the Stars, I am still touched today by this performance.

This Tango is my last major large artwork for this year.  It also uses the smallest canvases, five by seven-inch, and of immense importance this artwork, for the first time,  breaks a foundation rule that I shared with sheet music the entire twelve years of painting music.  What I have changed is that parts of the flow of the music are now offset. That means this art no longer matches the up and downs of sheet music.

I can blame that hesitation for this change on the musician in me that finds it extremely uncomfortable to break this greatest fundamental rule of sheet music.  The results of that decision is that I now can move this art style in different directions.   A bad effect will be that the casual viewer, along with musicians (my core support group), will find it difficult to follow the flow of the music.  This is a troublesome move that speaks to the art and not the reputation, to seeing where I can take music painting, and a rebuke to the need of conformation that all these ten-of-thousands of hours where worth all the effort.  So goes my choice, so goes I.

Scott Von Holzen