Chopin’s Nocturne OP. 9 No.1

A lot of bouncing around with color looking to fill in the, I guess the best name for it is a Rothko staff.   A lot of colors are used and mixed and there is not a clear logic. at less not tonight.  I think the color goes down sometimes just to move the work further somewhere, anywhere but where it is now.   When I paint, I try to keep my thoughts on the work and not the other stuff we think about when we are not trying to think about, but it just happens.  That is why the paint goes down, and then the judgment begins and that followed  up with more paint, just a different color; and more decision making.  A lot of times the wet rag then comes out and it all gets scrubbed away.    Still a long way to go on this base and there is no plan, no idea what will be done next, and no direction.  All is normal.

Scott Von Holzen

The base notation is all done for Crush

no picture to tonight for my camera is at work. They needed some head shots and I’m not that bad of a photographer, better at that then playing the piano.   Tomorrow I will put up this nights work.

I just got done hearing on Pandora, Carmen McRae,  singing a nice version of my last work that is the main image now appearing on my web site,  Hearing great music is all I need to push ahead.  Whatever happens, I am just going to keep at it hoping that just maybe  I will find the right path.  Better then waiting to win the lottery.   Anyway,   what do I have to lose besides some up front cash.  Besides,  inside all of us there is a great talent just screaming to get out.  It just takes courage, determination, stubbornness and a whole lot of humility.  What if no one else sees your light?  OK,  still you have to believe that the dream still leaves on. What else is left.  I know, just look into a mirror and you will see.  Not bad, but I have looked better.  Sure, this quest is like living in  darkness, but at less I am living.  Van Gogh is dead, Picasso is dead, and Pollack and Rothko are dead.  This is our  time, so into the blindness I will go…………  …….     …… …… watch out I’m sure there is going to be a lot of bumping along the way.