The base notation is all done for Crush

no picture to tonight for my camera is at work. They needed some head shots and I’m not that bad of a photographer, better at that then playing the piano.   Tomorrow I will put up this nights work.

I just got done hearing on Pandora, Carmen McRae,  singing a nice version of my last work that is the main image now appearing on my web site,  Hearing great music is all I need to push ahead.  Whatever happens, I am just going to keep at it hoping that just maybe  I will find the right path.  Better then waiting to win the lottery.   Anyway,   what do I have to lose besides some up front cash.  Besides,  inside all of us there is a great talent just screaming to get out.  It just takes courage, determination, stubbornness and a whole lot of humility.  What if no one else sees your light?  OK,  still you have to believe that the dream still leaves on. What else is left.  I know, just look into a mirror and you will see.  Not bad, but I have looked better.  Sure, this quest is like living in  darkness, but at less I am living.  Van Gogh is dead, Picasso is dead, and Pollack and Rothko are dead.  This is our  time, so into the blindness I will go…………  …….     …… …… watch out I’m sure there is going to be a lot of bumping along the way.