Crush ready for the music

improvisation no. 3, 2010, Crush

Crush background set to go for the music

Not a great photo….but do not want to take away from my already limited amount of painting time. They will get better.. i am constantly involving.

About an hour or so of work and I think it is time to let this abstraction go….   Every time I approach a canvas I grasp some idea and go with it…. and then comes the visual feedback from the colors, and I begin the see the limits of my goals.  At that point it is time to stop, to take a look.   At that one moment I ask, is it a yes or a no. If there is any doubt, I let the paint dry and pick a color and see what happens.    Every background for every abstraction starts with an idea, probably based on a previously work that I liked and just would like to pursue.  It never ends that way. The work evolves over the days and even though I try to keep the music theme in mind, I tend to drift.  The paint drifts, and what the finish look is, is never what I started with on the floor with the first wash.

Of course, I have no idea what colors will work to display the flow of the music for Crush.  No Clue.  We will see tomorrow what appears, which will start out easy with a white base  to get things in place,  to make sure everything I need can be apart of this work.

Scott Von Holzen