musical abstract ‘Crush’ notation picture

Crush 2010

'Crush' a popular standard music theme 24 by 96inches, Jan 13

There was plenty of room to spread across my notation.   Tonight, The problem  with this background was finding a color for the notes that give them definition.  I found what will probably work in  sap green.  This shade of green was not used at all on this background.  That surprises me for I used a variety of colors searching for a combo that worked. Finally the canvas said it was OK to proceed.   Thanks for that, for I had run out of ideas.  You cannot see the notes like I do, they are all little tiny abstract painting, each an individual work of something.  I cannot stand boring routine, although each of these canvases require just that to get it done and at times it feels good to know, just what has to be completed in a session. So,with the help of a brush or a pallet knife I sculpt each note letting it tell me when just enough is enough.  You’ll see what i mean tomorrow.


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