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This is the start of a commissioned art work 2 feet by 6 feet based on the music This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody).  Not knowing that much about this artist some research was done with everything following-in-place when the music was found on the album Speaking in Tongues by the Talking Heads.  Naive Melody was played during the wedding some 30 years ago and it is this artwork that is going to be a part of an anniversary celebration.   It is the hope of the artist that she has a sense of humor.

Commissions are rare at this early stage of this artist career.  So, there was a passing concern that being that there was money on the line that this would affect decisions.  Surprisingly, so far that has not happened and hopefully, never will compromise be the controlling factor in anyone of the many decisions that are required to create this, or any other, work of art.  It is late and time to go, but there will be much more to be said about this subject, but to finish for now.

With Naive, it is the interesting album cover for this music, that makes for a challenging but door opening use of color.  This method is a reminder of the Birthday painting whose colors were based on a Van Gogh landscape.  There are actually 7 photos taken tonight of progress with this work, of which here are 3 more:

Scott Von Holzen