S_V_H Naive Melody image5-8

Naive  Melody image 5:

Naive Melody image 6:

Naive Melody image 7:

Naive Melody image 8:

Images 5 through 7 stages where done on the 23rd.  The final image 8 is the tweak to 7 and the way it looks this is the finished base.  The yellows are somewhat more orange then reality.

This is a interesting song.  Playing it over a number of times, This Must Be The Place,  has become an enjoyable and uplifting musical piece.  With such a catchy beat, a keep on moving the feet song, it should be a fun project.

Looking at last nights final image 7, early this morning before going off to work, it jumped into the mind that it looked like the side of a circus wagon.   That did not sit well.   The album that this music comes from uses a lot of the same, or similar colors, so it makes sense that the image ended up the way it did.  Still?

Tonight, the challenge was to tighten up on the base giving it more depth and color to move it away from the mono tone circus wagon look. Naive was pushed and fine tuned, and surprisingly the effort stopped with the decision to leave this work sit over Thanksgiving to see if the base could still hold its own.  Early there was some thoughts to blending and softening the contrast of  the colors of the staff, or better that center rectangle, but after listening to the music a few more times the bounciness of beat and the canvas colors seem a nice fit.  Next up the notes will be drafted.

Scott Von Holzen