S_V_H Naive Melody image9

Naive Melody center part of image.     The long weekend away from the art has had its effect, and it is only now that there is a coming around, a back to art reality,  a in the zone, a momentum shift, a clear sense of direction, a sense of oneness.  The art is crawling back, returning out from the blurriness of this moods soft focus.

The notes…what can be done different? From the albums cover there is a circle of small blue squares that brought to mind the notes and they have been painted a dark blue to keep with the color theme. Only a few notes in blue have been attempted so far, because it is not sure what else can be done, and if there maybe some other way of expressing them.   It is easy just to abstract this oblong shape, but the question remands how to maintain that sense and the flow of the music they represent? Those notes are a core of this art and visual statement of its uniqueness.  Something is going to happen. It is there within reach just not reachable. Not yet.

Scott Von Holzen