S_V_H Naive Melody image10

Naive Melody right side.  Progress has been slow, but the confidence is high that this work is the one that carries forward the efforts of the Birthday painting.  There was something about doing a painting all in one day that separated that one work from everything before and everything after, until now.  Naive, is the same size as the birthday painting Long & Winding and Cry, just completed, but  Naive appears to have completed the leap in style change that occurred this last day of July.

Personally,  anyone walking by this work, will never make it any further without stopping, and starring,and  wondering  “what is up the this wall decoration?”  That is all the response that will be needed to set the hook. Music is about “catching the ear of the listener”, and this painting puts it in your face and dumps all over you like a splash of water from a passing car.   Clean up, come back  tomorrow.

Scott Von Holzen