S_V_H Naive Melody image11

This is the left size of Naive Melody. An interesting part of this canvas is all those circles next to the first note.   What are they?   A Music Theory education or even the ability to read sheet music may help,  but  neither is necessary to know that  those circles are simply the new look of  this art’s abstraction, of what could be called a typical  note  (borrowed image) :
In Cry Me a River, an with a number of previous works, these fun notes where more in the shape of fans.  Last night a feeling of frustration over not wanting to do the fan thing again with the eighth note was the wall that was confronted, standing and starring, tired and  full of blank thoughts, bored and disappointed.  Then,  just like that, circles came out of nowhere.  No clue,  just there, and all the efforts spent to find something new these last many months,  faded to nothing: reaching nothing created an opening to something. The thought now is that there is plenty of room for expression to grow with these shapes.  We shall see, what the next painting brings, for sure what starts and what ends is always the surprise.

Scott Von Holzen