S_V_H Ev’ry time we say goodbye image3

Ev’ry time we say goodbye, close up of the finished base.  The base: the background, the stuff that fills the voids between the notes, has, received more attention that grows in importance. This means that the emphasis, only of the notes, that originally started this journey has widen out.  Actually, with the original music work,  the notes where put down across an unfinished self-portrait, creating two points of interest.  This was a one time idea that quickly faded to backgrounds that where painted to accent the notes.  Increasing, over time, the focus changed to where the background was finished only when it could stand on its own, without the notes.  Today, the background stands as an abstraction and because of Van Gogh’s influence, the base is seen as a landscape or a portrait, and the notes have become points of interest, that all together celebrate a most wonderful, which is music.

Scott Von Holzen